what were we thinking?

5 years later, we're still not really sure, but we know it was the best (and craziest) decision we ever made.


co-workers, then friends, we had been working together for about 5 years, doing some of what we do now (but not the fun stuff) in a work environment that was... just terrible.


we picked up separate freelance design work but thought, "why not just work together?" so we did.


the freelance work started to increase and then we thought, "what if this keeps growing?" and it did.


then our real job became even more terrible and our freelance work more wonderful and we wondered "can we just make this our real job?" so we did.


our customers will never have to wonder who they are working with and where it's coming from. it's just us. when you call, you get us. when you come in, you get us. designing, printing, assembling, billing (lugging boxes of paper...) all us.


we love paper and patterns and design. we create beautiful things, for amazing people. we took a chance, somehow it's working and here we are.

amy eddy

me too!

stephanie mchoul

president & ceo

graphic nature, llc - custom graphic design and printing.

one-of-a-kind pieces designed for your life. love. work.  created, designed and printed by us, for you.


graphic nature, llc

1076 main street

 fishkill, new york 12524